Brand strategy, visual identity, and brand development.

gamp is your surest plug to get protection, repair, and support for devices.

Client: gamp
Project Lead: Tobi "Bez" Adesina
UI/UX Design: Ayodeji Balogun
Brand Design: Dideoluwa Ololade
Content: Lola Ariyo
Motion Design: Dami Bello

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, and Brand Development

gamp is a consumer-centric brand that provides a range of services to help customers repair and fix their devices, as well as offer insurance against future damage. In order to effectively communicate this concept to their target audience, Toby & Tye collaborated with gamp to design a new visual identity, website, and branded assets.

In 2023, gamp approached Toby & Tye with a challenge—to create an identity that would become the symbol of the gamp brand and its services.

gamp has been in the market for several years, but its presence has remained relatively unknown. The current logo, a simple device icon, is not recognizable and fails to reflect the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service.


The first step in creating a successful “plug” brand is to prioritize customer service. gamp should provide fast and efficient assistance to customers in need of repairs or fixes. This can include establishing a dedicated customer service line or implementing a live chat platform. Additionally, gamp should offer warranties on repairs and replacements to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The second step was to focus on the brand’s design. We should be visually appealing, emotionally and most importantly memorable, allowing customers to easily recognize it at first glance. when they require assistance.

Lastly, customer obsession. The new brand was built on this one principle. The unwavering commitment to understanding, satisfying, and delighting customers at every turn. At its core, this demands a shift in perspective. It starts with the thought that people are the business, and prioritizing them is how the brand wins.

By focusing on customer service, design, marketing, and loyalty, gamp can successfully establish itself as the go-to brand for device repairs and create a strong and engaging brand presence that keeps customers coming back for more.

Visual Identity

We revamped gamp’s visual identity system using a vibrant palette, versatile typeface, and minimalist design. Our goal is to achieve a modern vibe. However, this rebranding goes beyond a new logo and different fonts. We have also introduced a new style of imagery that embodies our brand’s youthful and daring spirit. This new style perfectly complements our culture, expresses our beliefs and purpose, and is reflected in the choice of a new logo—a powerful symbol that represents our brand’s new position.

The brands font collection, Plus Jakarta Sans, features three distinct styles—a commanding Bold, a self-assured Regular, and a versatile Sans. With these options, the brand can consistently convey our brand message across various media channels.

We have retained the traditional green color of the brand to solidify its presence and position in the industry. Furthermore, we have expanded the color palette to include three primary colors and five secondary colors to be used as accent colors in other applications and treatments such as imagery and illustrations.

Also, we left “the box” behind, a bold statement at the rapid growth of the brand and a mindset that cannot be confined. This new personality embodies the archetypes of both hero and creator—imaginative, inventive, and driven to build things of enduring meaning and value, on a mission to make the world a better place. The word “gamp” is also presented in lowercase to communicate accessibility, openness, and transparency. gamp is as genuine as it gets. You can always count on us, whether you’re a business or a customer. The brand’s signature green hues reflect this readiness, signifying that we are always prepared, no matter the circumstances.

Humanizing the Device Experience

“When we first started out, we were known as just another phone repair shop. But we always knew that our mission went far beyond that. That’s why we’ve taken this bold step to communicate our deepest commitment with this new look. Our goal remains the same—to humanize your device experience. We have evolved beyond simply fixing devices; we now focus on understanding the purpose behind your precious tech and how it integrates into your life. We recognize the vital role that devices play, and we ensure that unexpected events don’t hinder productivity, entertainment, and social connections by simplifying device ownership and maintenance for individuals and businesses alike.”

Bolu Omotayo
Founder, gamp technologies

The Power of The Plug

Life is full of moments you don’t want to miss. When the unexpected happens to your phone, gamp is the friend you can rely on. We will help you repair and protect your devices so that life doesn’t come to a halt.

gamp understands that the most important things in life are the memories, connections, and experiences you cherish. That’s why our customer-centric brand is dedicated to helping you keep the moments you care about safe and secure.

Whether it’s fixing minor tech issues or addressing major catastrophes, gamp has got you covered. The plug serves as a powerful symbol of gamp’s services, representing a connection with our customers and a reliable source of aid and assistance. Our logo features a simple plug design in our signature green color scheme, with a bold sans-serif typeface and a compact, easily recognizable shape.

Strategically designed, our logo’s visual identity instills trust and reliability in our customers. The use of a single color scheme and a bold font helps create a strong and recognizable brand image. Additionally, the plug symbol serves as a reminder of gamp’s commitment to providing reliable and effective services whenever our customers need them.

Never a Break

gamp understands that your devices are more than just gadgets—they’re integral parts of your work, productivity, and personal life. That’s why the brand offers comprehensive and affordable insurance plans for electronic devices, providing their customers with the assurance and flexibility to keep living your life uninterrupted.

Whether you own the latest iPhones, Macs, or Samsung Galaxies, gamp know these devices like the back of their hands—more than your current plug. Their expertise goes beyond gadgets. gamp understands that building connections with our customers is what truly matters, and that’s what sets the brand apart.

gamp prioritizes uninterrupted productivity, entertainment, and communication, and this new look reflects the brand’s continuous commitment to making device ownership and maintenance effortless. Say goodbye to device malfunctions and welcome seamless work, productivity, and leisure with gamp by your side.